Symphony® m & Symphony® f –

The Symphony® collection provides a complete line of ultra-durable acoustic solutions with a consistent, smooth ceiling visual. Whether you’re looking for enhanced speech privacy with superior noise blocking or outstanding cleanability, the Symphony® line allows for design flexibility that meets all of your needs. Combine with our Adagio® and Tufcore® for targeted acoustics within the same space.

Ecophon® Solo™

Our lightweight, free-hanging, clouds provide an aesthetic alternative to suspended ceilings. Double-sided sound absorption allows you to achieve your vision whilst solving your acoustic challenges. Solo™ allows for flexible design with 16 standard colors available and 11 shapes, as well as the ability to tier and angel panels up to 60 degrees.

Ecophon® Akusto One SQ

Achieve quick and easy acoustic remediation with our wall panels that are now available in 3 standard shapes in a range of sizes and 13 standard colors. A NRC of 0.95 provides maximum sound absorption.

Gyptone® BIG™ Curve

Gyptone® BIG™ Curve panels allow you to create truly imaginative spaces that improve acoustics and provide distinctive design statements. With three beautifully patterned, perforated products to choose from, you can create large, unbroken ceiling to wall surfaces to soft wave forms that can be easily integrated with lighting. This smooth, paintable surface allows you to achieve your design vision.