Focus Ceiling Tiles

Our most comprehensive acoustical system. The Ecophon Focus family offers a range of design options – multiple sizes, edges, shapes, colors, finishes and installation options. Allowing it to be used in almost all applications or areas.

Master Ceiling Tiles

Taking care of demanding conditions. Master is at the forefront of acoustic innovation solutions, an unrivalled panel, for acoustically challenging environments. This panel provides excellent sound absorption and speech intelligibility. Available in multiple sizes, colors and installation options. Finish and panel consisted of an Akutex FT surface in combination with a glass wool core providing optimal sound absorption. This finish is made of small pores that give the panel even more dirt repellent, making the surface easier to clean.

Hygiene Ceiling Tiles 

Ensuring the required level of purity and cleanliness. A proven performer in several hygienically and clinically demanding environments; Ecophon Hygiene and the complete systems shall fulfil even the toughest requirements.

Gedina Ceiling Tiles 

Presenting a true and established classic ACT. This dependable classic is an excellent choice when functional requirements are high and design possibilities limited. Ecophon Gedina has set the standard and will continue to be a benchmark in the acoustic ceiling business.

Advantage Ceiling Tiles 

Delivering elementary function. Ecophon Advantage guarantees a cost-effective product that meets essential requirements regarding acoustics, moisture resistance and mechanical strength. Advantage aims to provide effortless handling and straight-forward installation. Available in a limited number of sizes.

Super G Ceiling Tiles

When conditions are tough and there are high demands for impact resistance, acoustics shouldn’t be compromised. Super G has a variety of systems depending on the activity of the room and impact resistant requirements. The fabric surface is developed to withstand impacts in sport halls and other similar environments.

Combison Ceiling Tiles

Sound insulation and absorption in one. Modern office buildings are constantly changing and therefore strive for full flexibility. Combison ceilings make it possible to easily build partitioned walls where rooms are needed. By choosing the right walls and Combison solution you can achieve the privacy needed.

Solo Clouds

Experiencing freedom of expression. The ever trend-sensitive Ecophon Solo comes in several shapes and sizes, allowing freedom of design and the opportunity to create striking new expressions whilst also keeping up-to-speed with sustainable architectural developments.

Akusto Wall Panels

Exploring a vertical art variety. A complement to acoustic ceilings, Ecophon Akusto solves acoustic challenges while providing opportunities to follow current trends in design and installation. An array of colors and variety of textured finishes ensure that Akusto is suitable for a range of applications.