Auraweave Facades 

Perforated strips that weave in and out of modular panels allow for a unique design with simple installation. A decorative cladding that is a perfect solution for parking garages or screen walls with the need for openness.

Honeycomb Facades 

Cutting-edge rainscreen facade solutions that combine innovative materials, lightweight aluminum and honeycomb core, to create extremely large formats that are glass-flat.

Glass Panels

Tempered glass panels, enamel color coated, which give architects and designers a durable and quality solution outside of standard glazing. A wide range of solid colors (over 200) with a guarantee of color longevity – 100% UV and weather resistant. Optional: screen printing or digital printing with the first and only printer that applies enamel direct to glass. The printed enamel is melted into the top surface of glass during the tempering process to offer scratch and UV-resistant impressions.

Soffit Panels

Honeycomb Soffits 

Lightweight and rigid aluminum honeycomb panels provide the ideal cladding for large soffits, free from sagging and oil-canning. Available in a full range of painted and anodized-aluminum, copper and zinc.