Oko Skin Planks

Glassfiber reinforced concrete planks that can be easily mounted and installed by both professionals and skilled do-it-yourselfers. Oko skin planks are installed with color-matching screws that allow for individual elements to be replaced. Low-maintenance, durable and fire resistant (Class-A) panels that are a safe alternative to traditional siding products. The natural and authentic colors blend well in modern or contemporary landscapes. These slats are dyed throughout with natural color pigments and are available in 12 different tones. The surface of öko skin is sandblasted with varied pressures to create a mixture of vivid surfaces.

Concrete Skin 

Designed to cover buildings like a second skin with large format panels made of fiber reinforced concrete. This product brings entirely new possibilities for modern ventilated wall designs. Rieder panels can be installed with color-matching screws or hidden fasteners. A product that is extremely low-maintenance unlike sealed and treated products. Its durability and fire resistance (Class-A) prove it is ideal product for commercial or residential projects. There 12 standard colors and three textures to choose from.