• Drywall Trims – (Final Forms I) drywall trims that tape and float into drywall to create reveals, edges, corners and special trim applications.
  • Plaster Trims – (Final Forms II) plaster trims that are used for exterior and interior applications to create reveals, soffit vents and custom trim applications.
  • Perimeter Trims – Gordon offers many types of Contura perimeter trims, column rings, perimeter pockets, and partition closures that transition between windows and walls.
  • Perimeter Pockets – Gordon’s extruded aluminum and brake form (aluminum or steel) perimeter pockets are used for ceiling transitions to perimeter wall and window systems. They can also be used for the concealing blinds, curtains, draperies, and screens; air return or air supply, and perimeter lighting.
  • Column Collars – Curved angle extrusions used to create transitions between columns or perimeters and acoustical tile, perforated and non-perforated metal panels, and drywall. They can be finished to match the ceiling suspension of your choice.
  • Air Slots – All sized for the capacity designed by the HVAC consultant. The mechanical contractor furnishes the air supply diffusers specified by your consultant. Gordon integrates the components into the ceiling system.