About Us

We at Formas have searched the world to bring you cutting-edge building materials that represent the best in architectural products. We are here to serve the architectural and design community with our extensive knowledge of materials and offer innovative solutions to your designs. As architectural products consultants we have earned a reputation as a design resource organization and have become the source of inspiration for many projects around the world. We look forward to having the opportunity to assist you with your next project.

  • Techstyle

    Acoustical panels bring unprecedented acoustical performance, aesthetics, and accessibility to every project.


    Stainless steel woven surfaces will add drama and sophistication to any project.

  • Cosentino

    Natural quartz surfacing offer one of the most durable and maintenance-free surfaces with the broadest range of colors available.

  • Prodex

    A maintenance-free exterior natural wood panel provides warmth, elegance, and endless design possibilities.

  • Fry Reglet

    Customizable, cost effective, interior modular wall system that functions as a platform for virtually ANY finish material... glass, metal, wood, phenolic, fabric etc. We will integrate it into a pre-engineered aluminum platform and supply as a single source, turnkey system.

  • QC Facades

    Cutting-edge rainscreen façade solutions combining innovative materials and deisgn with time-tested manufacturing processes.

  • Ceilings Plus

    Specializing in metal ceilings and wall systems to fit any application. Finishes are exquisite and every order is fabricated to meet unique and custom demands of any project.

  • Fibre C

    Concrete reinforced with glass fiber and manufactured into thin, lightweight, solid-colored panels that are modern, elegant, and pure.

Our Products

FORMAS represents leading manufacturers of advanced building materials to meet the needs of today’s innovative designs.

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