Metal Fabric Facades 

Architectural woven metal fabrics in marine grade stainless steel and other metals. Presenting a wide range of designs with varying densities, textures and transparencies for walls, ceilings, stairwells, partitions, water features, etc.


Metal Fabric Parking Screens

There are no longer limitations to how good a parking structure can look – or how safe and secure it can be. GKD Metal Fabrics developed the systems and hardware to incorporate stainless steel fabric into a parking structure to create an environment for vehicle security and visual appeal. Because of the material’s transparent characteristic, no mechanical systems are required for ventilation – translating into energy and cost savings. Practical and functional benefits include:

  • Secure environment that limits unwanted access.
  • Pedestrian safety by way of our balustrade effect.
  • Protection from the elements, including rain, wind, snow, and ice.
  • 50% open area for high visibility and optimum airflow.
  • Cost-effective installation, plus efficiencies associated with stainless steel’s long lifespan.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Sustainable material and process.

Sun Shade Screens

Solar management is a good thing for building owners, occupants and the environment. GKD metal fabrics provide a dazzling design element while achieving sunshade and daylighting goals.  Energy is saved by reducing interior lighting and interior cooling needs. This increases interior comfort and reduces power costs. Our environmental benefits support LEED opportunities.

Contribution toward LEED goals include:

  • Energy and Atmosphere points by reducing air conditioning and lighting electrical loads
  • Materials and Resources points because it’s made from recycled material and is recyclable
  • Sustainable Sites points when used as an overhead sunshade to reduce the heat island effect.

Media Mesh

Stainless-steel metal fabric combines with high performance LED lighting to create a translucent media screen for advertisement and signage. Offering a wide range of custom sizes with varying degrees of resolution.


Metal Fabric Ceilings 

No longer must the architect or designer resort to the ordinary when it comes to ceiling materials. Thanks to the truly unique and tantalizing textures and patterns of GKD metal fabrics. But beyond the aesthetic is unparalleled overhead functionality. GKD metal fabrics effectively hide wiring, plumbing, ductwork, mechanicals and support structures with style and elegance. Plus, they’re fireproof, extremely durable and allow for the free flow of air and sprinkler system water.